Eileen Adams is a freelance educationist and consultant, working in the UK and other countries, making links between art, design, environment and education.

Her career has involved teaching, lecturing, researching, writing, evaluating and examining. In the 1970s, in teaching and curriculum development, Eileen worked with professionals from different backgrounds, gaining a fresh perspective on education, and forming a view of the reflective practitioner. In the 1980s, on research and development projects, she extended her own understanding of the purposes and practice of art and design education, and the importance of the learning environment. In the 1990s, as a research fellow and examiner in higher education, she learned about evaluation and validation, which reinforced for her the importance of action research and the need to develop theory from practice.

Since 2000, Eileen has continued to link curriculum development and professional development through her work with The Campaign for Drawing. Eileen has always used drawing as a medium for learning, recognizing that not only is it possible to learn to draw, we can also draw to learn. 

Through drawing, we can learn to think, to communicate and to do things.